The Face of Things

The tissue of lies is actually quite fibrous. Though edible and delicious when tender, barbecuing only toughens it. Marinating doesn’t help either. There’s no logic at work here. Snakes for example are generally allergic. 

The happy consumption of lies requires a special orifice. Children have it, though most parents deem this an abomination. It becomes vestigial and heals shut, leaving a small scar and haunted eyes. 

For centuries Mayan priests would keep the orifice open with obsidian knives atop temples of star-stones rivered with blood. They seasoned the fiber with hot peppers until disappearing into the jungle.

Genetically enhanced termites have perforated the fiber of lies. Lies worldwide reveal trace contamination of cesium-137 and strontium-90. The UN has established international lie preserves with subsidized housing and free dentistry. Gene mappers hope to replace extinct lies with clones. Lies have been bonded to viruses in an attempt to absorb them virtually. 

The orifice for lies still opens sometimes deep in uncharted American suburbs. When it does, it puts a smile on the face of things. 


Written for Weekly Scribblings #19: Lie to Me at Poets and Storytellers United.

14 thoughts on “The Face of Things

  1. I like the description of edible tissue of lies, which gives a new meaning to eating your words! The special orifice is creepy, and the thought of Mayan priests keeping it open ‘with obsidian knives atop temples of star-stones rivered with blood’. I grinned at the ending!

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