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The PoJo Show

The PoJo show is a collection of audio poetry, fiction, drama, and spoken word combined with music and sound produced by Jedediah Smith and Batty Royale. Po-Jo is short for poetry jockey, and what we do is sort of like a disc jockey on a top 40 radio show who spins a bunch of 3 minute songs in a row. But instead of songs, we play sets of short poem recordings, some with music, some with sound, some just naked words. For over 30 years, I’ve been collecting poetry and spoken word records, CDs and tapes, as well as making live recordings of readings. And we use those to make these shows.

We have a lot to play. But we’d also like to play recordings that listeners send in to us of their own work: live readings, home recordings, words set to sounds or music, whatever you’ve got. Or if you know of good recorded works by poets that you like that you think would fit this show, point me toward them. Send submissions or queries to me at pojoshow at gmail.

Each episode of the show will center around a theme, and below are links to YouTube postings of our episodes so far:

Micro-show 2: Remembering Sam Hamill

Episode 9: Beyond & Back part II – Punk Poetry featuring Exene Cervenka (YouTube link)

Micro-show 1: Joy Harjo, poet laureate (YouTube Link)

Episode 8: Jazz Poetry (YouTube link)

Episode 7: Beyond & Back part I – Punk Poetry featuring Exene Cervenka (YouTube link)

Episode 6: Shark Week! (YouTube link)

Episode 5: Coronavirus V – The Poetry of Fortitude and Renewal (YouTube link)

Episode 4: Coronavirus IV – The Poetry of Death (YouTube link)

Episode 3: Coronavirus III – Poetry on Isolation (YouTube link)

Episode 2: Coronavirus II – Poetry on Illness and Loss (YouTube link)

Episode 1: Coronavirus I – Poetry and Plagues thru History (YouTube link)


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