Peer Pressure (thanks Coltrane for turning arpeggios acrostic…

I not I said the fly my name … Jose Jimenez I am Michael Caine Mondo Cane contain multitudes for we are many ye princes keep watching the watchtower

am are have been will be ontlogically copula I AM THAT I AM a wordman a birdman AM I THAT AM I eat, drink: arise and anoint the shield

so sew sow sweat so sour so supersoul élan vital Pratītyasamutpāda cause ’cause cuz why not cuz a mountain is not dependent on the path that leads to map it tear it tame wildflower sermons

sick seek set upon slim crank twisted and bent to it again, gone! satiety for the feast the host of lords served strong drink no offerings of grain grain defiled the shield of the mighty defiled they will fall asleep forever and not wake up

of pars pro toto oh no, away my cloud my soul my face commensurate to my capacity for wild yonder of 1923 gulf coast blues boots on the ground stomp absolute rhythm bootless my hands my warm body my squeeze my skirt

linear lines shallow so long, dreary pat flat endlong, beeline lifeless schema bubblegum, banal slick dime-store humdrum, jejune straight-line bland unbroken, black and white flat trite threadbare leaden, prosaic formulaic stodgy stuffy horizontal tame

meaning you should say what you mean I mean what I say (bromidic wishy-washy wooden yawnsome) no great Hatter’s shakes chase sluice into cracks nothing gold can float dawn goes up like vapor felt great élan attaque à outrance ascension brötzmann machine gun’ll tune you up, grease, burp! yup

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