The Panjandrum of Pints

The Panjandrum of Pints proverbs

      “Wisdom calls out in the street,

She lifts her voice on the square

      and the level” to Pepkin who

replies, When I was a child I smelt

      as a child could taste the

difference between green and blue

      – “How long will fools hate

knowledge?” I mined the infinity of

      math and my belly sagged – “How

long will scoffers delight in their

      scorn” in my dream, folding bricks

created spiders – “I will sneer

      when terror strikes you” I will dream

a War as simple as folding bricks.

Written for and shared with dVerse and the MTB: Fall seven times, stand up eight prompt posted by Grace on 16 Thursday Jun 2022. The piece is an attempt at a gnomic poem — giving advice but in this case also questioning it — based largely on Proverbs 1:20 which is then contrasted with Rimbaud and spiders.

My first book-length translation is now available from Amazon: How To Make Verse by Vladimir Mayakovsky:

6 thoughts on “The Panjandrum of Pints

  1. This is an imaginative title and response to the prompt. Like this ending part: I will dream

    a War as simple as folding bricks. Thanks for joining in.

  2. Excellently wrought, one wonders when the panjandrum will blow and spew the chaos of war as it ambles forever toward. Thanks so much for joining this evening.

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