See Emily Stay

“I must go in for the fog is rising” 

– that fog’s not real! just Sandburg 

and his cats working up a steam, 

pumping the bellows on his fog 

machine – wait’ll you see his Big 

Shoulders! Don’t go in when you 

haven’t really come out yet, stay 

for a spell, still time to try something 

new before you … – take a lover 

with dirt rooted in the cracks of his 

hands, see bullfights in sunny old 

Spain, dip strawberries in champagne, 

eat chili con carne and oysters in the 

half-shell, with Tabasco by the dash, 

still time to revel in the known – 

kneeling in your garden – feel 

summer burn gold into gourds, 

hear mice snip thru twine round 

harvest sheaves, see bloom of yr skirt 

crawl with spiderlings, time to 

dash it all beneath pane of pond 

ice its face looking back through 

at you gasping for the breath to 

give itself voice at last.

Written for and shared with dVerse and the “Poetics: Words of Departure” prompt posted by Laura Bloomsbury on 14 Tuesday Jun 2022.

My first book-length translation is now available from Amazon: How To Make Verse by Vladimir Mayakovsky:

9 thoughts on “See Emily Stay

  1. this is a litany of all the wonderful things life has to offer – an offering to a dying woman but it is her time and she knows it. Such an enjoyable read, the way each line slips to the next, full of amazing imagery and light humour
    “just Sandburg

    and his cats working up a steam,

    pumping the bellows on his fog

    machine “

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