“The Sealotus” published in horror anthology

from the listing:

“I looked upon the rotting sea, And drew my eyes away; I looked upon the rotting deck, And there the dead men lay.”

–Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Beneath the treacherous waves hides untold peril and doom. For generations man has taken to the sea, to explore, to hunt- looking for treasure or glory, and going to war. For many a sailor the ocean has been a final resting place, a mass grave. The unparalleled beauty the oceans hold belies a cold, indifference to humanity. St Rooster Books is proud to present eleven tales of watery terror by some of horror’s brightest voices-Brian M Sammon, Carter Johnson, Paul Lubaczewski, Jeremy Lowe, Lee Franklin, Anthony S Buoni, B.E. Goose, A.K. McCarthy, John Baltisberger, and Jedediah Smith. Take a deep breath, before you dive in…

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