Quadrille – Sky

While colored rings marry some planets

our sky is the shorter, bluer end of the spectrum

scattering due to and away from the source 

a wavelength stronger than the Sun

like sounds of spoken language scatter 

free from us among atoms of terrestrial light. 


for dVerse Poets Pub Quadrille prompt

Episode 7 of the PoJo Show — a podcast mixing poetry, spoken word, music, and sound — is now up on the Sound Files page and on my YouTube channel. This episode is called “Beyond & Back: Punk Poetry featuring Exene Cervenka

9 thoughts on “Quadrille – Sky

  1. I love the way you begin your quadrille scientifically and end with scattered sounds of spoken language, Jedediah, a reminder that our words continue to exist out there in space. A comfort to poets.

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