PoJo #6 is here

Our topic for show #6: Shark Week! Poems, fiction, and nonfiction on sharks, the ocean, ecology, and human-animal interactions. All set to undanceable beats. Includes poems by Michael McClure, Mary Oliver, Carl Sandburg, DH Lawrence, and Herman Melville. Also fiction and nonfiction by writers like Rachel Carson, Eugenie Clark, Ernest Hemingway, Herman Melville, Jules Verne, and Jacques Cousteau. Take a listen and be somebody.

Each episode of the PoJo show will center around a theme. After this we’ll explore other subjects such as poetic style, genre, form, technique, and history as well as topical themes in areas like nature, politics, war, music, etc. Look at my Sound Page for a list of upcoming show topics and see if you have a poem, short prose piece, monologue, or other work that you’d like to submit as an audio file to be included in a future show.

Here is the YouTube version:

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