Sonnet 4 in 2020

Does love of thrift cut funds for Animal 

Control? The roadkill hoard along Marsh Road – 

the freeway feeder route with heavy traffic

in constant roar – is left to molder green

in gutters, spread its splatter south with each 

new set of treads, or to accrue the interest 

of smaller scavengers, who soon will join

the dead when caught beneath the endless tires.

Until today, the road deserted, by

the virus-wary sheltered in their homes,

to vultures, red heads dipping into black 

blood of five day dead and rotten possum.

Thus Nature budgets loss to no one but 

it then will render profit to one more. 


Posted for dVerse ~ Poets Pub’s OpenLinkNight #262 Thursday 19 Mar 2020
Posted by Grace

13 thoughts on “Sonnet 4 in 2020

  1. I saw where you were going and loved the ride. Well, it’s a grim ride, but well written, point well made. Funny what we notice these days.
    Okay, shameless plug- I have a book of poetry that is all chickens crossing the road and roadkill. You see the darndest things when biking or driving the highways. You have a good eye.
    (Chicken Shift)

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