Leaving October

The play models

the festival models

life, a serious comedy

less true than fantasy,

so love from magic is

no insult to true love,

a phantom invasion.


Flowers weave the donkey’s mane

Dionysus rides an ass.

Hounds roar as a dove.


A serpent ate my heart

and found sweet

what I thought bitter


And fairy lullabies change to 

a lamentable benediction to summer.


posted for dVerse OLN: Casting a Spell

9 thoughts on “Leaving October

    1. Jedediah Smith

      After teaching Midsummer Night’s Dream last semester, I found my notes on it which included partial play lines, modified by my interpretations. Selection and reordering led to the poem.

    1. Jedediah Smith

      Thanks for that. I love the way the play subverts oppositions – dream/wake, fantasy/reality, tragedy/comedy – and I tried to convey a touch of that in the short lyric.

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