Never Look in the Eyes of the Dead

Never look in the eyes of the dead.

There’s no one there. 

No phony crap about soul or a light

immanent thru those gelatin windows.

The dead don’t move.

The living are always moving

even in sleep, especially in the eyes

sliding always under the membranous lids

the iris a surprising lump

casting about for dream flickers.

The dead pupil stares fixed & dilated

& if you stare back,

that’s your last image of love,

not a pleased-to-be tabby-

smile up from your lap.

Don’t face death or you will see

death put the lie to life

and to live a lie is to begin to die. 

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Posted for dVerse ~ Poets Pub 

Prompt: Tears in rain – using our senses by sarahsouthwest in Poetics


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