Quadrille: Be Quiet Over Here

A very short man with very tall legs
walks among crowds in the city.
Every block or so and so,
he covers his eyes peek-a-boo
with his hands and shouts Tranquility!
And people in front of him disappear.
You’re in the laughing place now.

for the dVerse Monday Aug 26 prompt: Quadrille . . and the most beautiful words are . . . by lillian

and a second one, without today’s word:

Quadrille: Stage One

Sometimes I want to claw through
computer screens and wi-fi
to see if real people exist on
the other side and if so whether
they are human or aliens
staring back with unblinking
uncomprehending solid black eyes
like those I see around me now.


2 thoughts on “Quadrilles

  1. hmmmmm interesting approach to the prompt here. I must add, sometimes I wish I could put my hands in front of my face to play peekaboo with the world and when I took my hands away from my face, the world would all be changed….at least the part I find upsetting!

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