All the young people I have ever known
Have grown old
Not one of them dodged it
Their dogs and cats grew old
Even faster
And that made them cry
And grow older still
There must be some cease
To this constant leaning toward
The earth
Can’t we call an armistice
Neither side admitting defeat
But both retreating from
The line of conflict
We can climb from the trenches
And dry our feet
Our knot-jointed feet
In the sun
And wrap one season’s petals
Around us for free
To dance or paint or love
Or not
Without paying for the time
to dance or paint or love
Or not
We’ll promise to return to the trenches
next year
We always do
We’ll promise to place our backs
Against that thorny palm
That grows from the edge of the world
A place we walk toward and walk
Away from at the same time
All the time

for dversepoets Sunny-side up! prompt by Lillian

9 thoughts on “Wish

  1. You haven’t cut and pasted an image from the dVerse prompt, Sunny Side-Up and I don’t see any reference here to any of the images I’ve used for the prompt. I also don’t see, forgive me if I’m just missing it, any reference or link to dVerse for the prompt. It appears to me that you’ve simply posted a poem you’ve written on the dVerse Mr Linky without really using the prompt? If I’m mistaken, please point out the link to the dVerse prompt (or add it) and also please cut and paste the image your post refers to. I’ll wait for your response. If there’s no response here or obvious relation to the prompt, as the originator of the prompt, I’ll have to delete your link on mr linky. I look forward to your response.

  2. It would be ideal to stop time, smiles ~ But I would love people to climb down the trenches and just enjoy leisure time, without thinking of the times ahead ~

  3. SMiLes.. i supPose A greaTest
    Gift is to lose Emotions
    oF LiFE those
    Spring Colors
    And Senses
    that paint the
    Oldest Smiles
    the most
    Devout Young Flowers
    of Life Now are colorless
    Without Feel/Sense oF Love
    Blessed NoW are those who
    Appreciate All Colors WiTHiN
    For it’s True.. These Colors WiTHiN
    never need age
    And fed
    As Garden True..
    It’s True.. the Poor of this
    Spirit Who beCome Love
    Some folks CaLL iT ReBoRN i nAMe ‘it’ LoVE
    oR Rose
    aS FLoWeR
    wHo Appreciates THorns..
    SMiLes FriEnd aGaiN
    i kNew which
    to well
    before you
    added ‘the picture’
    sAdly.. not everyone gets it..:)

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