The Improbable Life and Prescient Poetry of Basil Bunting
by Christopher Spaide
(New Yorker)

Chomei at Toyama 
by Basil Bunting 
(Poetry Foundation)

How America Lost Its Mind:
The nation’s current post-truth moment is the ultimate expression of mind-sets that have made America exceptional throughout its history.
by Kurt Andersen
(The Atlantic)

1922: The Year That Transformed English Literature
by Eric Bennett
(New York Times Book Review)

Marianne Moore’s Poetry, the Way She Intended It
by Stephen Burt
(New York Times Book Review)

Deep Dives Into How Poetry Works (and Why You Should Care)
by Craig Morgan
(New York Times Book Review)

Derek Walcott and the Peculiar Disturbance of His Poetry
by Ishion Hutchinson
(New York Times Book Review)

Professor Ginsberg’s Notes on the Beats
by Ann Douglas
(New York Times Book Review)

‘The personal is environmental’
Gabriel Ojeda-Sague interviews Eric Sneathen and Lauren Levin

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