Lovers injure flowers
more than widows, soldiers,
boys, or babes do, loving
makes us sacrifice things
proving that our love is true.

Why so sad with teary
eyes? The time though dreary,
quickly leaves you, love rose
spring-like, bloomed in meadows
now it’s grave where grasses grew.

Written in response to today’s DVerse prompt. The challenge is to write a poem using trimeter. I decided to make it weirder by using trochaic trimeter since it is unusual in English. And the simple aabb rhyme gets an additional rhyme in the fifth line of trochaic tetrameter adding a cc based on the second foot of the third line. Sounds more complex than it is, and this explanation is longer than the poem.

16 thoughts on “Threnody

  1. This is beautiful. Somehow, I understand your explanation. (I don’t usually understand the nuances and technicalities of poetry) it’s more beautiful after the explanation.

    1. m.j.smith

      Thanks! Mickey Mantle once explained his secret to being a great hitter: “Just keep swinging the bat.” I approach writing poetry the same way.

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