It is so sad that no new movies have been made in Hollywood since the late 90s. They were getting pretty thin even then, but after the fin de siècle, I quit wasting my time in those arid, antiseptic chrome and neon crap-factories.

I miss going to the movies like I did when I was young. Sure, it’s nice to go to a variety of events now that I’m older such as poetry readings, drag shows, burlesque shows, lectures, and debates. But there is a certain excitement that would come from the smell of popcorn and the sound of swelling strings, when the previews were even more fun than the feature.

The strings are gone – replaced by moronic hip hop and synthesized walls of soulless noise. The previews are a parade of cynical exercises in demographically motivated graverobbing. Idiots like Ridley Scott manage to cannibalize their own corpses. Sandwiched between the trailers are commercials, since movies exist for tie-in merchandising and not the reverse.

The dreamhouses have become nightmares. And no one has made a new movie in 20 years.

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